A bit of background....

        My name is Otty Merrill and I am an encaustic artist who lives in Tenants Harbor Maine, a little fishing village in the mid-coast region of Maine.  During the winter months I take advantage of Portland, just two hours south,  where the many galleries, MECA (Maine College of Art) and the Portland Art Museum puts me in touch with a world of opportunity and stimulation.  The coast of Maine enjoys a brisk tourist business and from Kennebunkport to Stonington one can see art from every medium and vantage point.  I am currently exhibiting in the Rockland/Camden area and at The Portland Art Gallery on Middle Street in the Old Port. While in Portland I work and share studio space with professional artists at Running With Scissors Studio, a large cooperative.  In Tenants Harbor, I work from a quiet and pristine waterfront setting  in Turkey Cove.  Truly, the best of all worlds.  I feel blessed.  As a member of New England Wax, an organization of approximately 30 wax artists who excel in the medium of encaustic, our work is exhibited in group and juried shows throughout the six New England States and the Northeast.  Visit newenglandwax.org.  As you will see, I love color, texture and a bit of illusive storytelling.  My work may be called "semi-abstract impressionism"...a term I use which isn't in the art books!   Born in New Jersey, I attended  Endicott College in Beverly, Massachusetts and worked in an advertising agency in New York City out of college.  After raising a family and a career in residential real estate, including owning my own company, I went on to attend the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, Massachusetts, The School of The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and a host of schools and workshops in Santa Fe, Tuscon, Provincetown and Kingston, New York.  I feel I am perfecting my style by working for decades with the best encaustic artists in the country and staying in touch with good art everywhere.  I am happy to share my work and my experiences with you.  


Gallery-by-the-Sea, Port Clyde,   Maine

In the heart of Port Clyde village, just steps from the ferry to Monhegan Island, the Gallery-by-the-Sea...a popular attraction for both tourists and summer residents. It featured art work in all mediums by local artists.  Otty's work was shown here for several summers along with the work of other local artists, shown above.

 My studio in Turkey Cove..solitude, beauty and inspiration!

 My studio in Turkey Cove..solitude, beauty and inspiration!


At the Chandler Gallery, Brookline, Massachusetts  

Otty received Best In Show for her encaustic work,  "Port Clyde Sardine Factory".  Here she is (on right) with the jurist.  Otty's art has been most recently been  exhibited at the Atlantic Gallery in NYC, the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, Mass., University of Maine campus in Augusta and  University of Maine, Belfast.  

Studio  space in Portland working among many other artists..

Studio  space in Portland working among many other artists..

An encaustic studio with lots of open space, inspiration and ventilation!

    Summer studio, Tenants Harbor, Maine

A summer exhibit at Otty's Barn Gallery in Tenants Harbor, during the "Artists of St. George" annual summer event which spotlights the many artists on the St.George Peninsula.

A summer exhibit at Otty's Barn Gallery in Tenants Harbor, during the "Artists of St. George" annual summer event which spotlights the many artists on the St.George Peninsula.

RESUME – CV                          

2017    Hopeful Darkness, Atlantic Gallery, NYC,    Nov 17- Dec 30
2017   Shifts -   Fuller Art Museum, Brockton, Massachusetts,  Sept 2017,   Nov 26, 2017
2017   Riff-Raff: Reimagined Art From Unexpected Places, Granite Gallery, Tenants Harbor, Maine.,  July 2017
2017   in Flawed Abundance, New Arts Center,  Newton, Massachusetts -  April 7, 2017
2017   Equal Protection of the Laws, America’s 14th Ammendment,  University of Maine/Augusta, Sept 22 2016
2016  Encaustic Wax + Heat, University of Maine/Belfast,  September 16, 2016
2016   Three Visions, Granite Gallery, Tenants Harbor, Maine , July 2016
2014  Poetry Bleeds Rust, National Association of Women Artists, NYC, Oct 1, 2014
2014  New Art From Old Beginnings, Highfields Art Center, Falmouth, Massachusetts, July 2014

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      Folly !  A series of wall art...  Created by Otty Merrill, these wall pieces are unique and fulfill the artist's desire to have fun and offer a high quality craft item for people who enjoy giving a special gift, or decorating their own spaces!     Measuring in overall size from 8"x 12"  to  10" x 15".  Ready to hang.  Sold in fine stores...contact Otty Merrill at ottymerrill@gmail.com for a list of the store nearest you.


          ENCAUSTIC MONOPRINTS are made from free hand designs, drawn in wax on the hot surface of the encaustic palette. fig 1.  Large sheets of patterned paper are pulled off the plate then cut to fit the wooden form.. then mounted with glue.   These fluid wax designs are one-of-a-kind...fig 2:  to be mounted on a solid wood backdrop,  fig 4

         Appendages (legs mostly)  are hand-cut on a skill saw from birch plywood … fig 3 ..are sanded, painted and affixed to the body.  Each FOLLY is created individually with its own "personality". Oil pigment sticks are sometimes applied to the wax surface to enhance the textural effects so unique to wax.   Surface designs may suggest fabric, lace or anything that captures the eye.   Treasures discovered from walks in the woods, clawing through old dresser drawers and jewelry boxes, trips to the recycling center and junk stores, become part of the project.  THIS IS THE FUN PART!  Spoons in pockets, mesh vests, buttons, pottery shards.... The assortment of ephemera is varied and wonderful!      FOLLYS are made as a decorative wall item  be enjoyed in your kitchen, den or wherever you want to make a unique statement.