Mr. Clapfish's Invention.jpg

Mr. Clapfish's Invention

Assemblage. Wall Mounted

Encaustic and Found Objects

14” x 14”


 (Mr. Morley Clapfish is actually a lamp repair man in town).

Encaustic wax over clay in Sculpture, encaustic wax as part of Wall Art/Assemblages, is part of my artwork inventory. Fiber Clay, which does not have to be fired, is the foundation for most of my sculptural pieces. My earliest art adventures (1975!) began with clay. I have discovered that encaustic wax sits nicely on raw fiber clay and in fact, accentuates and emboldens the form and textures, without the unknowns of glaze.

I’ve found that Cold Wax, most often as a finishing (matte) surface, is a nice soft touch.

Most sculptural pieces range in size from 8” to 22” and my Wall Art is often 14” x 14” in deep shadow boxes of 4”-8”.

I began the sculpture/wax adventure in 2015. Not unlike my 2-D pieces, I often cannot resist the urge to add pieces of found treasure..metals, pottery shards, ephemera…to my pieces.

My intention is to continue to explore ways that wax can be used (in place of paint, glaze or other surface materials), on clay, in wooden assemblages and other surfaces.